Low Carb Diet

This is a method of keeping in shape is a new and effective, it goes against conventional weight loss that previously we have applied it to lose weight coupled with abandon food containing meat, fish or fat … Method it appears from the Atkins Diet slimming principle, Low Carb technology is losing weight and keeping life balance model for Victoria’s Secret.

This is a weight loss diet soft, more comfortable and effective and relatively more. According to this diet, you just need to eliminate all the fruit, sugar, starch … out of your food and eat the remaining food such as meat, fish, vegetables … that was able to lose weight success. Continue reading


Meat storage vessel

Mention the typical dishes of Vietnam, we can consider meat storage vessel is one of them. This repository meat which comes from the south, but now the people of the country, this is a dish often with family meals in the chilly autumn day or cold winter. How to cook delicious meat storage vessel is also pretty easy to do.

Pork cleaned and cut into cubes about 5cm. Marinated in fish sauce with spices, salt, pepper, sugar, onion, garlic for about half an hour to infuse the meat and spices chovao warehouse.

For meat to the pot placed on the fire, stir hand hunting for meat, then pour back into the mangrove coconut meat and heat on until the water begins to boil, then lower heat to let the pot simmer the meat for meat storage is tender. Remember to get this repository delicious dishes when cooking in style should not be closed completely covered region will lose its eye-catching yellow meat warehouse. Continue reading

Vietnamese food

Talking about the abundance of food Vietnam, apart from the well-known types of food processing or is it something quite special is that even the so-called food can change though is the same dish and the types of food ingredients. Can get sweet and sour ribs common example.

Tell to sweet and sour ribs, people also understand that there are dishes made from the rib familiar with sauces made a dish with sweet and sour taste very good. But even naming dishes as well as changes in the way. If the ribs fried in sauce and stir to soak up the sweet and sour ribs called. But food will be called ribs sweet and sour sauce if present rib dish and then pour the sauce over.

See also thought the complex, but only that it should not think many do, because to cook and how to call it whatsoever as the sweet and sour ribs are still very delicious to enjoy. Continue reading

Effective honey face mask

People have used honey to sweeten foods and drinks of us. Folks regarded it as a sweetener for natural food. They also see it as adding grilled foods’ for honey gives a special flavor and so delicious. Honey is a lot to promote the good side of human health. If it comes to skin a natural beauty, she is keen to use the mask to take care of their skin.

Honey mask is one of the best ingredients skin care. It is a humectant, drawing moisture to the skin. People use it to mask and remove dead cells. They often combine it with other natural ingredients such as fruits and vegetables. The other effect of honey on your skin anti-aging, anti-fungal, cleansing, moisturizing, exfoliating, and more. Continue reading

For shiny hair

Health and sparkly than what your hair can fully achieved in case you choose these foods contain nutrients for the hair. These healthy foods will nourish hair the same way they impact on your health, but the parts such as the heart, the lungs will get the best nutrients, next to the hair.

Makes hair shiny
Salmon, sardines, flaxseed oil, walnuts, can help shine. Omega-3 fatty acids help your heart healthy and can make your hair shine easily. The American Heart Association recommends eating oily fish at least 2 times 1 week good for your heart and make the hair shine.

Keep your hair from being split
Foods such as eggs, avocado, salmon prevent split ends. Biotin is very important for the growth of nails and hair cells, helping to limit hair loss. Take additional 30 micrograms physical body Biotin for hair everyday is not split.
The biotin-rich foods include an egg: 13-25mg biotin, 1 avocado: 2-6 mcg, salmon 90g: 4-5 mcg of biotin. Continue reading

Oatmeal and face mask

More and more girls want to use the method of facial beauty close to nature. And increasingly appeared types of protective face mask with natural origin can be done at home. One of the mask easy to do and works well as oatmeal mask. Many people have discovered this kind of mask and has received very positive results.

Effects of oatmeal mask will get from the elements which belong to the available skin. So you should not require an immediate result to which your skin will be cared slowly but pretty healthy and natural way. And can confirm oatmeal mask is very good

Many girls like oatmeal face mask because it offers so many benefits. It purifies the skin. If you are tired of the busy day, exposure to sunlight, extreme weather, things can affect your skin is no longer healthy. Oatmeal has proven to be an effective way to clean and healthy skin. Many people rate it as the best mask Continue reading

Make healthy salad recipes

Salad is an important food in the diet. But salad often do we hunger and craving fast food other. Then every effort diet will fail. But you do not need to worry, because some of the tips below Derek Johnson dietitian will help you feel full enough to just eat salad.

Use of material rich in fiber, protein and fat
In the main food selection step, you should choose the vegetables contain fiber, eg leafy spinach, kale vegetables. The main fiber in vegetables will help you keep the feeling of fullness after eating. If you do not like vegetables, you can mix salad with salad and decorated with materials and low-fat protein like fish, lean chicken or grain legumes rich in fiber and carbohydrates. Besides, further divided particles salad is also a reasonable choice because this is nuts contain many nutrients without causing obesity. Continue reading