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Eating bananas at night can give you a deeper sleep

Eating a banana before bed will help you sleep more deeply. In addition, bananas have a capacity to release energy while you sleep, so eating bananas at night is a miracle weight loss.

Moreover, bananas are the food rich in fiber and low in calories, a banana contains only from 80-100 kcal so long ago, bananas were believed by women to be used in the daily weight loss menu. If you accidentally ate too many foods rich in starch and fat dinner, the best way is that you should eat a banana after.

Eating yogurt in the evening for best absorption

In fact, eating yogurt in the evening before going to bed is the best of all. Because at this point, the stomach has been partially digested food but not “completely empty”, the pH of the stomach is the ideal environment for the good bacteria in yogurt to exist.

When eating yogurt before going to sleep, we indirectly add nutrients to sleep during one night in a gentle and most effective way. Therefore, it is the best time and the safe way for the body to absorb yogurt for everyone.

Drinking warm milk without sugar to reduce excess fat.

If you drink warm milk without sugar before bedtime, it will help you burn excess fat existed in the body. You should notice to select the hot milk instead of cold milk and milk you drink should be milk without sugar and low in fat.

Also, the addition of dairy products will help you to easily control your weight and help your body healthy, less fatigue even when you perform a strict diet. It not only helps you lose weight, drinking milk is a way to take care of your skin when you’re dieting.

Eat squash for dinner in order to get the effective weight loss

Although squash is considered as healthy foods for health. For those who want to lose weight, the use of squash can help your skin more beautiful and you do not need to abstain too harsh.

When applying this way to lose weight, you should eat 4 times a week and do it before 7pm. To the body adapts, you can eat as a main dish squash for dinners with rice, soup, etc… Then, When you get used to eating it, you gradually replace rice completely by squash to reduce weight in a really effective way.

Eating right breakfast

Besides, another important meal that you should care about is breakfast. Breakfast has many important roles for our health and capability of employees. Choose the best and suitable foods for breakfast will help us protect our health efficiently. Learn about good foods for breakfast at: