You do not need to spend time practicing 24/7 whether weight loss is a long process. Even when there is not much time, money and motivation to go to the gym and prepare dinner at home every day, there are many effective and not too strenuous you need to remove the obnoxious numbers on weight. Some lazy habits like playing your favorite game, or buy ready meals apply simplified recipes can help you slimmer.

lose weight

Several strategies can make weight loss easier for you:

Advocacy while watching TV
You can save time and money by taking some action folded abdomen or legs buckled at home, even while watching your favorite TV show. Becky Clark, author of How to Lose Weight and Get Healthy Even If You’re Lazy, said: “I put the machine and treadmill jogging synthesis before a television. So, I can just exercise while watching TV. “This method of Clark also found time to help her set short.

Cooked food for the week
Cooking once on Sunday and eat what you have prepared all week. This way, you only have to think about food once a week rather than 21 times. The research team at the University of Buffalo that limiting the foods in the diet and eat them in the standard time period, such as 1 times / day or 1 times / week, can help you eat less go, because you’ll be less likely to eat seductive delight something to eat if you load it regularly.

Shorten the procurement
Instead of walking around with an empty stomach, eat before you go to the supermarket and once you arrive, just buy what is stated in the listing. Accordingly, the only thing you need to do is decide whether you should buy what type of product or brand.
Dr. Joy Dubost, a spokesman for the American Institute of Nutrition, suggestions: Keep your eyes skim milk instead of whole milk, do not focus on quality, on trolleys for carbonated mineral water instead of soda, choose pure fruit more fruit flavored drinks and if overeating tends to pour straight from the box on the map cup, you should select the type was divided parts available.

Buy snacks ready
If not typically been hard to bring fruit from the company, you should find a place to buy food accustomed driver. Convenient food is not necessarily unhealthy snacks. You can keep an eye on pre-packaged food is still in its original form, such as pre-cut fruit, hard-boiled eggs or yogurt.

Breaks between pieces of food

Maybe you should take some time to get used to the new routine, but the spoon down between twice put food in their mouths slow down the process and can help you eat fewer calories loaded. In addition, you should also get into the habit to chew food thoroughly.
In a study of Harbin Medical University, China, who chewed food 40 times / morsel of food calories than those who chewed 15 times. In addition, there is another way to fill your stomach more quickly: drink water before each meal. This simple action not only hydrates, but also can help you energized while eating less.

fast asleep
Sleep is probably the most lazy way to lose weight. In a study lasted 6 years, Canadian researchers have observed the relationship between sleep patterns and obesity discovered who sleep 5-6 hours / night more than 2kg compared with 7-8 bedrooms hours.
While many studies that do not get enough sleep increases hunger hormone ghrelin levels, a study in the journal American Journal of Clinical Nutrition identified lack of sleep can slow the burn energy.
Swedish researchers found that only one night less sleep also causes the metabolism to slow down the next morning and reduce the number of calories burned while performing the essential activities (such as breathing and pepper feed) about 5-20%, compared with a healthy morning after a good sleep the night before.