Talking about the abundance of food Vietnam, apart from the well-known types of food processing or is it something quite special is that even the so-called food can change though is the same dish and the types of food ingredients. Can get sweet and sour ribs common example.

Tell to sweet and sour ribs, people also understand that there are dishes made from the rib familiar with sauces made a dish with sweet and sour taste very good. But even naming dishes as well as changes in the way. If the ribs fried in sauce and stir to soak up the sweet and sour ribs called. But food will be called ribs sweet and sour sauce if present rib dish and then pour the sauce over.

See also thought the complex, but only that it should not think many do, because to cook and how to call it whatsoever as the sweet and sour ribs are still very delicious to enjoy.

How to cook this dish is quite simple. Loin chops washed and pulley into a two chestnut ribs, cut into 4cm long, fish marinated with spices, salt, seasoning, pepper … Then heat the oil and fry the chops marinated in, when the chop gold was almost beside the fish out. For minced garlic to the pan with little oil and pour over the non-aromatic tomato stir until tomatoes are prepared to boil half a cup of water to the flour tomato sauce. Add the spices and salt to taste the sour taste sweet to taste and stir in the ribs, then scoop out a plate, sprinkle with pepper and onion to the beautiful flowers.

When done, it just might ribs in sauce and bring to a boil once to chop evenly spice sauce, or you can put out a plate of fried ribs available and pour the sauce over it. Both are two ways this can be applied and how it would have been a sweet and sour ribs are delicious and very good to eat.