Hue City which is recognized as a culinary culture folk are very bold. From the old days, in the family in Hue, a woman from the rich to the wives folk are forged through education has traditionally high, in which the virtues of kindness, resourceful, dexterity, or have forged a very technical way. From the quality of the work was that of homemaker, Hue woman cooking in all its careful to cook up delicious meals daily meals, whether for yourself or as trays used in ancestral worship, the party used to entertain guests.

The culinary culture dishes in the ancient capital divided into two categories: royal cuisine and culinary folk. The court may dishes including: Nem public, phoenix rolls, fried nest, sea cucumber cooked lobster, cook deer ribs stewed chicken, stewed abalone five spices, sheep stew … and the famous delicacies of Origin Hue is: rice, mussels, beef noodle, meat moist cake water, dirt cake, cake pleasure, filter nam … also can list dozens of delicious fish and also with that kind of salt. Best known as: sour shrimp sauce, seasoning sauce, shrimp sauce, tuna fish, crab sauce, fish sauce leaking, anchovy fish, pompano fish. And salts include: salt cellar, salt roasted, salted life, discharging salt, salted beans, salt and pepper, lemon pepper and salt, salt pepper, salt and oil leaves …

Hue tourists can enjoy the folk dishes such as Veal her shop on Ly Thuong Kiet had beef noodle soup is delicious, dirt cake, mushrooms, red filter she had to shop located on Nguyen Binh Khiem, shop she Add Nhat Le street sells rice cake Shanghai Quartet favorite, sesame Thien Huong Nam Pho noodles, pickled shrimp she Ry at Dong Ba market, rice, mussels Vi Da … What’s great culinary culture of this land is beside the culinary value literally eating the food of Hue there are many supplements in traditional medicine. Season this end, the ingenious combination has created a very tasty dish that has kept the balance for human health.

Thanks to a long tradition and diverse sources of raw materials locally, through skillful hands of housewives, the special dishes of Hue just delicious, beautiful, rich nutrient medium to display a text chemical behavior of people in society. Which is a famous culinary culture, so even here there are hundreds of delicious dishes, each dish is available in its very own value can impress special cuisine for travelers both Vietnamese and international. If you have time to go through the ancient capital, you will have the opportunity to feel very clearly the very special culture of this place.