Mention the typical dishes of Vietnam, we can consider meat storage vessel is one of them. This repository meat which comes from the south, but now the people of the country, this is a dish often with family meals in the chilly autumn day or cold winter. How to cook delicious meat storage vessel is also pretty easy to do.

Pork cleaned and cut into cubes about 5cm. Marinated in fish sauce with spices, salt, pepper, sugar, onion, garlic for about half an hour to infuse the meat and spices chovao warehouse.

For meat to the pot placed on the fire, stir hand hunting for meat, then pour back into the mangrove coconut meat and heat on until the water begins to boil, then lower heat to let the pot simmer the meat for meat storage is tender. Remember to get this repository delicious dishes when cooking in style should not be closed completely covered region will lose its eye-catching yellow meat warehouse.

Boiled quail eggs then peeling bark. When the meat was cooked quail eggs are poured into the warehouse. Note that eggs should not be too long before and warehouse for eggs will become stiff and brown will make the dish less aesthetic.

After tasting the spices together again for the right taste. Because warehouse and coconut meat was sweet enough to just add the seasoning sauce, salt without adding sugar.

The result will be an extremely delicious food warehouse with yellow wings catching cockroaches. Tender meat, spices absorbed will taste sweet tasty. Water is also great meat, eat greasy taste but not sick. This repository eat meat with rice or sticky rice hot in the cold season, it will taste better than many.