This is a method of keeping in shape is a new and effective, it goes against conventional weight loss that previously we have applied it to lose weight coupled with abandon food containing meat, fish or fat … Method it appears from the Atkins Diet slimming principle, Low Carb technology is losing weight and keeping life balance model for Victoria’s Secret.

This is a weight loss diet soft, more comfortable and effective and relatively more. According to this diet, you just need to eliminate all the fruit, sugar, starch … out of your food and eat the remaining food such as meat, fish, vegetables … that was able to lose weight success.

Add a special point of Low Carb diet is that we can use in cycles, we just used this diet strictly in one certain period and then we’ll reward his days in freedom, can eat comfortably. But the day breather so should not last long, so in about 1-3 days only, then you will go back to dieting cycle as before.

What causes weight gain is caused by eating more carbohydrates in the body, the amount of carbohydrates that turn into blood glucose, increased blood sugar, leading to the body secretes insulin to control blood sugar levels stable return , and metabolism of glucose in the blood into fat. Fats and carbohydrates are two important energy source of the body. So, if you remove energy from carbohydrates, the body will draw energy from fat to function, from which low-carb diet to reduce weight.

Regulation of diet is “low-carb, high fat, high protein”. Dieters must complete removal of carbohydrate recipes. Also, the food is comfort food are foods high in fat and protein. Carb is the main cause of the excess fat in the abdominal area and sweet cravings. Carb and fat are two important energy source of the body. With the complete removal of energy from carbohydrates, the body will start to get energy from fat to energy metabolism to body work.

Must be combined with exercise, can effectively reduce fat. This slimming method is not too complicated. We just need to follow this approach strictly in the first 2 weeks. And then, we could ignore the low carb regime 1 or 2 days a week if you feel like eating food that contains carbohydrate, it is still very useful. It was confirmed that the great diet, becoming a full-time activity for many people because not only help you lose weight, keep in shape, but also health.

Because carbohydrate-energy diet for the body should not eliminate all carbohydrates which only removes bad carbs and replace them with good carb. You also do not use a measure is useful not meet all the demands of the body with protein, good carbs should remember to bring fuel to burn energy. The combination of foods rich in protein and low carb foods will bring greater efficiency. At the same time, you should also use low carb foods for fast times feel hungry or want to eat between the hours of work. snacks will be highly effective in weight loss

Those low carb snacks are not only healthy but also help you overcome hunger between the hours of work. You should eat low carb snacks những every day on an empty stomach to control diet.