Northern snakehead is in the South have called snakehead, this is a fish that many people like to eat meat for a delicious taste very attractive, very rich in vitamins and minerals, in particular it is less and less bone fat. In addition, foods made from these fish are also popular in the world because it is rich in nutritious foods, antioxidant help. Dishes from fish protein, benign and contribute to the body’s resistance.

Braised Fish is an easy to cook food so everyone is able to do. But to make a pot of braised fish that get your appetite back nutritious it also requires personal experience. It is important that the raw material selection also requires a sophisticated and a little note. According to the secret of a chef in the restaurant tourists are choosing fish will depend secrets and recipes of each person, but often choose fish about five ounces result is a dish best Braised most delicious fish.

During processing, the first fish they cleaned by brushing off the scales of fish and throw away all the fish intestine. It can be cut into pieces or leave it to the warehouse, depending on the experience of the cook. Then fish marinated with spices such as fish sauce, seasoning powder, granules, sugar, onions … and place in the pot to cook braised fish. The bottom of the pot should be available at its lining sliced, discharge, crushed peppers and bacon sliced thin. Bacon cooked with fish will add sweetness to the fish, to fish with more luster of fat and the fat. Bellies also make braised fish with dry, so will be a super delicious braised fish.