Salad is an important food in the diet. But salad often do we hunger and craving fast food other. Then every effort diet will fail. But you do not need to worry, because some of the tips below Derek Johnson dietitian will help you feel full enough to just eat salad.

Use of material rich in fiber, protein and fat
In the main food selection step, you should choose the vegetables contain fiber, eg leafy spinach, kale vegetables. The main fiber in vegetables will help you keep the feeling of fullness after eating. If you do not like vegetables, you can mix salad with salad and decorated with materials and low-fat protein like fish, lean chicken or grain legumes rich in fiber and carbohydrates. Besides, further divided particles salad is also a reasonable choice because this is nuts contain many nutrients without causing obesity.

Freshwater dieting does not work
Nutrition experts say that diet soda or diet soft drinks are not really effective for weight loss purposes. We fool insulin levels in the blood. Do you often need to load more fat people than to offset the shortfall. So, to the work of truly effective weight loss, ignoring all kinds of soft drinks, including those for dieters.
In addition, you also have to know the right way to drink water. Some people think that drinking plenty of water before meals will help them feel full and eat less. In essence, this will dissolve your digestive enzymes and stomach discomfort. So drink small sips while eating healthy salad is a more reasonable choice.

Sugar is the cause we just fat fast, medium fast hungry
In healthy salad recipe, women still prefer the food does not contain much fat to avoid excess fat accumulation in the body. You should know there is a material cause fatty Anonymous few people noticed it was sugar. Johnson said, when mixed salad, do not add sugar or fruits have a high degree of sweetness. Olive oil, light butter in the healthy salad recipes as French, Italian or some kind of other ingredients such as balsamic vinegar from homemade lemon pepper, raspberry salad will do our more attractive, more low-fat and pliers braking desire to eat more.

Eating slowly will work more
The important thing to remember when you eat healthy salad that is slowly eating. This is important in every meal, not just for salads. We often eat too fast causing digestive system trouble at work. Eating slowly also make you feel relaxed, and no longer. Therefore, the formula should be eating healthy salad slow to bring the greatest value.